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Brooks Sheffield Love & Crime Novels

Bucolic Riverton, Georgia, becomes the scene of mystery and murder as former editor Brooks Sheffield moves back to his hometown. Beneath huge oak trees and Spanish moss, the former newspaper editor faces people who'd like to see him disappear, and a deeper enigma lingering in his own home. 

Longing, romance, despair — and fear


Love and crime. Most unexpectedly, former newspaper editor Brooks Sheffield finds both as he embarks on a new life in the town of his youth. Strange things happen as he’s settling into his new home in an old schoolhouse. He overhears a murder and gets a visit from a young, provocative escort with a proposition for him.


Life doesn't improve from there on out.


Follow the intrigue, the love, and the mystery that slap Sheffield in the face on his journey to rediscover himself.

Old murders come back to haunt a town


Before Christmas 1937, a prominent Riverton resident shot and killed his sister and brother-in-law during breakfast. Fifty years later the town is haunted anew by the murders and the man who committed them. He’s long dead but his bequest of a park near Riverton dredges up memories best kept buried. Newspaper editor Brooks Sheffield and his crime-busting buddy Dub Campbell team up to solve the mystery around old deaths — and new slayings along the way. 

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