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Red Farlow No. 5


A cold case slams Red Farlow in the gut and takes him back decades.

Early in his career, he investigated the 1973 slayings of a family in Valdosta, Georgia. The killer eluded police at the time. Now, surviving son Randy Goings wants closure on his family’s killings and asks Red to reopen the case. 

One man holds clues to all the deaths. Cleet Wrightman was charged in 1955 with murdering a young woman. Due to his retardation, the judge sent Cleet to the state mental hospital. He remained there until 1973. Upon his release, uncanny coincidence puts him in Valdosta on the day the Goings family died. 

Several weeks after the murders, Cleet vanishes. 

Did Cleet serve time for someone else’s crime? That’s just one of the questions Red must answer as he confronts into his past and hunts a crazed killer.

Red delves into old case files and witness accounts for clues. But his biggest challenge is unraveling a small town’s dark secrets. And finding Cleet Wrightman.

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